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ممتاز ادیب اور شاعر محمد اظہار الحق کے سفر زیست پر ایک نظر

Daily EXPRESS Lahore – Wednesday, February 2, 2011
muhammad izhar ul haq daily express interview muhammad izhar ul haq daily express interview


Anonymous said...

We people in Pakistan spend almost whole life in learning English but are always lagging back. We can never equal native English. To learn English one must live in an English country. To learn French one must spend a good deal of time in France, preferably in Paris. To learn Arabic one must live in Medina or Qairo. To learn Persian one must be in Iran.

I really wonder how this gentleman called Izharul haq has become proficient in Arabic and Persian by living in a village of Fateh Jang.
This is indeed rediculous. Probably his level of
Persian and Arabic is the same as a Pakistani
speaks unidiomatic and God forsaken English. People consider these people as very educated.

The level of this column writer also seems to be of no value in this regard. He has written what was told to him by this man of over inflated ego who happened to rise to a good Govt. level from a cheap scrap childhood. People of this area are too arrogant and swollen
headed. Izharul Haq is no exception to it.
M. Nawaz, Burgandy, France.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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